Our Ingredients

We are delighted to remind you what makes our little TO’A sticks so special. Among the values we support, we chose transparency, both for our health and the health of Mother Earth. We have imagined our product, its content and container, in accordance with those values, core to our story. We are proud to tell you more about our products, from the ingredients to our packaging.

Our products Protect
your health and the environment

We have been looking for an alternative to traditional chemical sunscreen creams that would 1) be an effective sun protection, 2) an healthy choice for our skin and 3) that would not harm the natural environment. Thus, the composition of our product has been thought carefully, with quality ingredients and numerous health benefits. Here we are. In our TO’A, there is : Virgin Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Rice Wax, Nanoparticle-Free Zinc Oxide, Mica (Natural Pigment) and Vitamin E, and that's it.

The mineral sun filter

Nanoparticle free zinc oxide

Every year, 14,000 tons of sunscreen are spread in the ocean. Sometimes visible at the surface, the chemical components, such as Oxybenzone (a synthetic UV filter found in more than 3500 sunscreen products), drastically damage the health of the reef. Even in very small quantities (i.e. 1 drop of oxybenzone in the equivalent of 6.5 Olympic-sized swimming pools), this chemical is destructive to corals. In particular, it causes mutations in coral DNA and bleaching. That is why we have chosen a mineral sun filter : nanoparticle free zinc oxide Nanoparticles allow, in traditional sun creams, the transparency and lightness of the product, but are highly detrimental to our health and the environment. Our zinc oxide powder is guaranteed free of nanoparticles.

Virgin coconut oil

The local sweetness from Teahupoo

Coconut oil is known for its nourishing and repairing properties. Virgin oil, first cold pressed, raw, without any chemical treatment, it is a delicate and naturally perfumed cosmetic ingredient. TO’A story has been inspired by the colors of Tahiti, local tropical smells and virgin coconut oil from Teahupoo. Deep to our hearts, we wish to support local treasures, that includes the virgin coconut oil of Isabelle and Johnny. We have chosen this local ingredient for its quality, as much as the geographic proximity and our wish to support polynesian economic actors, as well as promoting coconut benefits.

Jojoba oil

The universal vegetable oil

The properties of this highly prized vegetable oil, which is considered universal, are numerous: it hydrates, rebalances, softens, calms ... Due to its composition similar to human sebum, it is perfectly adapted to all skin types, even the most sensitive. Also, it is one of the vegetable oils that keeps best over time, and is very well adapted to high temperatures.

Shea Butter

Pure extract of the magical nut

This famous vegetable butter (wearing the cute latin name of Butyrospermum Parkii Butter) comes from the shea tree, a tree native to Africa, from which a vegetable oil is extracted from its fruits (similar to small almonds). The use of shea butter in cosmetics is more and more common : it is a natural ingredient with major benefits. Rich in vitamin A, D, E and F, it also allows a deep hydration and supports skin elasticity. Adding to its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, shea butter is rich in keratin and terpenic alcohols, which absorb part of the UV rays.

The rice wax

The sparks of the recipe

La cire de riz est un très bon co-émulsifiant texturisant. Elle est très appréciée dans la fabrication des cosmétiques pour sa propriété émolliente. Et en français ? La cire de riz permet d’épaissir et de durcir le cosmétique, et d’en lier tous les ingrédients avec douceur. Rice wax is a very good co-emulsifier texturiser. It is highly appreciated in the manufacture of cosmetics for its emollient properties. To put it more simply, Rice wax allows to thicken and harden the cosmetic while gently binding all the ingredients together.


Long life to your stick

That is the little extra to our recipe, essential to protect the oils and butters from oxidation and allow them to keep all their properties. It is a major preservative and active antioxidant.

Mica (natural pigment)

The rainbow secret

Mica powder is the colourful little secret in natural cosmetics. It is obtained by extraction from raw minerals. We have decided to play with powders to offer you three colours of TO'A sunscreen sticks : a natural beige, a sandy pink and lagoon blue.

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