Our Story

Each year, 20,000 tonnes of sunscreen are dumped into the oceans, destroying corals whose loss threatens all marine ecosystems. Today, the territory of french polynesia is exposed to the damages caused by chemicals found in imported sunscreen products on its coral systems. It has to deal with the management of increasingly large quantities of waste. We had to commit, to act. We recognised our responsibility to offer to the polynesian people and tourists visiting the islands, an alternative that is natural, that would diminish the impact of harmful chemical creams on coral systems : TO’A Surfscreen was born.

“I surf, and it is part of who I am. Spending that much time in the Ocean, I am sensitive to the current issues the environment is facing now. Creating a new meaningful product, a natural sunscreen stick, made in Tahiti, appeared as an essential alternative to preserve our lagons and the environment.”

Hélène, fondatrice de TO’A.

TO’A story is chemical filters free, paraben free, endocrine disruptor free, silicone free and even plastic free. TO’A story found its roots in Tahiti, formulated and made out of natural ingredients in the Fenua. From the start, the content was as much important as the containers used, that are either reusable or biodegradable. The choices we have made aim at reducing the imports of plastics and other non-degradable materials on the island, that too often, and too fast, turn into waste.


“Thanks to our little natural polynesian sunscreen stick, we hope, even at our small scale, to contribute making French Polynesia an innovative overseas territory, aware of two environmental important issues being the lagoon conservation and waste management.”

Hélène, fondatrice de TO’A.
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