TO’A joins the Ban Toxic Sunscreen coalition !

With the new year starting, new projects and small steps for the TO’A adventure: we have just obtained the “Safe Sunscreen Certification” !

We are delighted to have this certification by our side, and thus join the Ban Toxic Sunscreen collective, based in Hawaii.

We see this certification as a confirmation of our commitment and our values. We strongly support the changing global movement to ensure that the products we apply to our organisations are not toxic to the environment.

The Safe Sunscreen certification is an annual certification awarded to companies that manufacture / sell / supply sunscreen products to consumers using natural ingredients and mineral filters. This certification affirms that the products are mineral-based, without chemical UV filters and other known carcinogens, toxins or hormone disruptors. This certification also confirms that these companies strive to use the safest ingredients.

Would you like to be part of this global trend? We invite you to take the step of signing the pledge created by the coalition here:

“We have a dream, that of being able to go to the beach without being sprayed like insects by those who use toxic aerosol sunscreens. To be able to swim and surf without these water-saturating chemicals getting into our eyes, mouth and skin. In Hawaii, we are seeing the impact of sunscreens on our coral reefs. As more and more tourists visit Hawaii, pouring thousands of litres of sunscreen into our coastal waters, the situation is becoming critical. Numerous studies show a direct correlation between coral mortality and sunscreen ingredients, including oxybenzone, octinoxate, octocrylene… as well as a number of active and inactive ingredients (hormone disruptors, toxins, allergens, fragrances) that are of concern”.

The Ban Toxic Sunscreen collective hopes to encourage companies to create sunscreen formulas that do not have such a negative impact on corals, marine life and our health. Also, their aim is to encourage shops to offer brands that respect reefs and the environment.

We are delighted to be part of it, TO’A is officially certified Safe Sunscreen!

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