Transparency, the key word at TO’A

Among the values we defend, one is particularly dear to our hearts. It is part of the DNA of our company, and it’s something we defend in particular: transparency.

We created TO’A with the desire to join the actors of change in the cosmetics industry, and more specifically, the sun products sector.

In the traditional suncare products that we find in supermarkets, many of the ingredients have a considerable impact on our environment and endanger marine ecosystems. Few of the traditional ingredients used are natural, and our skin is naturally affected.

We therefore chose to design a sun stick from natural ingredients, and in its entirety. We also chose a short list of ingredients. We chose understanding and quality.

We encourage you to test the small barcode of our product with the Yuka application. The lights are green!

Our little TO’A contains: virgin Teahupoo coconut oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, rice wax, nanoparticle-free zinc oxide, Mica powder (natural pigment) and vitamin E, and that’s it.

We start from the principle that the consumer must be able to know and understand the composition of the product he applies to his skin. Our consumption choices are essential for our well-being and the natural environment in which we live. To support this vision, producers need to be transparent and offer consumers a fair and clear view of the composition of their products. This is what we have chosen to do.

Have you ever heard of the INCI list? International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI) is a mandatory nomenclature for cosmetic products since 1999. It is the small block of components between commas, which we try to decipher by reading the labels: very often Latin and incomprehensible names. To carry out your investigation, we invite you to discover the tool made available by La Vérité Sur les Cosmétiques. It is an excellent search engine! 

It’s here:

We have reviewed the ingredients of our INCI list, and we share the results with you below:

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