Waves as a local culture in Tahiti

In the imagination of all, Tahiti is the cradle of Surfing, the stronghold, the landmark, like a dream to be discovered without fail, a compulsory passage for every surfer on the planet. Polynesia proudly bears the myth of its waves, its unique reefs, and more particularly the internationally renowned Teahupoo wave. On the roadside, during the week as well as on weekends, Tahitians are on the move, towards the ocean, with the bodyboard or surf under their arm: it is a daily pilgrimage towards the wave.

The wave is part of the spirit here, perhaps it is a form of representation of Mana, of the Polynesian vital energy? We like to think so. We like to think so.

Surfing is one of the landmarks of Polynesian culture, every family has at least one surf or bodyboard under their roof. In Tahitian, it’s the Horue, with the translation “the depths of the ocean that the hollow of a big wave lets us glimpse ”. The activity of the Horue in the Pacific has first been told by one of Captain Cook’s lieutenants in the Hawaiian Islands in 1779. Who from Hawaii or French Polynesia knew the first surfers? This question remains unanswered. What is certain is that at the same time waves were being surfed in the Society Islands, as James Morrison, one of the sailors who deserted the Bounty in 1788, testifies: “For this amusement, they take a board of variable length and swim until the swell begins, wait for a wave to form, sometimes more than a mile from the shore, and lying on their bellies on the board stand on the edge of the wave so as to move with it with extraordinary speed. Both men and women excel in this sport and some are even able to stand on the board.”

We are happy that TO’A’s values are part of this Tahitian surf landscape. In fact, it is surfing that gave birth to our small company. We are delighted that our values inspire local surfers, now our ambassadors. We are pleased to introduce the Warriors of the Ocean, TO’A ambassadors. Nous sommes heureux de vous présenter les guerriers de l’océan, ambassadeurs TO’A : Lien vers la page du site web des ambassadeurs.

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